*How to tap and hold a tuning fork
*How to choose a tool to tap a tuning fork
*Tips for holding a tuning forks easier
*How to hold two or more tuning forks
*7 chakra healing
*Exercises to explore your inner world and spiritual path

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • how to hold a tuning fork

    • How to tap a tuning fork

    • How to choose a tool to tap a tuning fork

    • Tips for holding a tuning forks easier

    • How to hold two or more tuning forks

    • 7 chakra healing

    • Exercise for a better future

    • Exercise to feel the tuning fork itself

    • Learning and awareness sharing form.


What students learned and what they experienced.


All of it was important to me.. I loved the hands on with my tuning fork the most.. I waited till I got mine to do the last two lessons and it was so relaxing.
I learned how to feel comfortable with my tuning forks and how to use them with love and honor. I learned how to listen and how to tune into the energy. I feel confident in using my tuning forks now.
(Toni L Price)


I learned how to become one with the instrument by feeling the vibration and hearing its frequencies.


I learned how to hold, activate/tap, and position tuning forks.
It made me feel confident that I can work with tuning forks, and that my relationship with the forks and with healing in general will evolve and that I can trust the process & BEGIN!
I interpreted the 'technique' as following your intuition & then the techniques will blossom from the seeds of your intentions.


I learned the introduction to tuning forks. Handling the tuning forks for optimum vibration duration and strength.
(Richard Dale)


I really liked the exercise at the end.
I learned the options for holding and using the tuning fork. The final exercise reaffirmed our connection to the universe.


This course was very informative and clear. Thank you!


The alternate chakra locations for bone vibrations was very helpful.


This course is very valuable. I learned how to hold and strike the tuning forks properly, how attune the chakras and to get to know my healing instrument. Thank you.


Handling Turning Forks and Root Chakra, great info and visual.


Excellent course! I learned how to use tuning forks for chakra healing and the exact positions to place them on the body for the best results.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


I learned the difference between how to let the bones and body vibrate using a tuning fork and just ringing it.
Now I'm aware of the details of how to use tuning forks.
Thank you for your valuable course.


The video of how to hold multiple tuning forks was helpful.
I was also very impressed with the part tapping a tuning fork with a peaceful mind.
That really changes the sound.


I'd never thought holding multiple tuning forks together.
This is a nice way to use.
I felt like I was in the sound even though I used only two tuning forks.
And that was very comfortable and relaxing.


Thank you for your tuning fork healing online course.
The explanation with the skeleton model was nice and easy to understand.
I had used tuning forks for a while but I didn’t know better usage.
Now, I learned they are useful for chakra healing.
I use the forks more than before now.


I watched the video of chakra healing and used solfeggio forks for that.
I felt the resonance well and the energy of my body became clear.
I learned a lot from your course.
Thank you.
(Yuko Sunada)


I used to use a concert ball to hold multiple forks, but holding with five fingers is much more practical, easier and quicker.
When I healed myself with your chakra healing video, I felt the sound deeper, especially in 3rd and 5th chakra.
After I finished 7 chakra healing, I felt my body got energized.
I'd like to remember this sensation all the time.



Satoru Hoshikawa

Sound healing artist
Owner of sound healing shop

When I was a student, I was interested in British art and music.
So I went to the Devon School of Guitar Making in the UK and learned how to make stringed musical instruments from Mr. Chris Eccleshall who made guitars and basses for David Bowie, Pete Townshend, Rory Gallagher, Paul Weller, Peter hook etc.
Chris used to work at W.E. Hill & Sons (a famous violin dealer and maker) , so I was able to learn about many types of stringed musical instruments.

I lived two years in Totnes, southwest of England, which is known as a transition town (which aims to increase self-sufficiency to reduce the potential effects of peak oil, climate destruction, and economic instability).
There are quite many people who are interested in healing, spirituality, organic, vegetarians. And I was influenced by them, then became a vegetarian and started learning about healing.

After coming back to Japan, I love music and healing, so I started a shop of sound healing tools, such as tuning forks, singing bowls, tingshaws, energy chimes, and also healing wand (magic wand). I have supplied them to more than 6000 people since 2009.

I create music and videos of the cosmic octave (a theory to convert the orbital period of the planets into sound frequency and BPM). And I also design and carve healing wands.

I keep on learning music, guitar from Paul Gilbert (Mr. BIG), bass from Kai Eckhardt (bassist of John McLaughlin Trio), Kanjira (south Indian percussion) from Ganesh Kumar.
I put the essence of what I learned from them in this course.

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